Things are once again happening!


I’m supposed to be doing my math homework but never mind that. To my two followers, (myself and Tia, rip) I’m writing a quick thing to let you know that this blog will be up again! We’re both gonna be writing from time to time, and we hope to bring you lots of quality content, and a healthy helping of actual literal trash.

Unfortunately, we both have other responsibilities (i.e. Homework, The new episodes of Steven Universe, Hamilton on shuffle), but we’ll try to bring you at least 1-2 posts a week. Maybe more. We’re not amazing writers yet, so the stuff is gonna be shit for a while, but hopefully it’ll get better! Yay!

(This is me pretending people are gonna read this)

You may have noticed our site has gone through some changes. The most noticeable one being the header image, (If you see your work up there, check out our Contact us! page and hit us up. We’re totally willing to change/remove your image if you see it up there. I mean, I doubt Rebecca Sugar is gonna hit us up and be like “Hey that’s my pic” but you get the idea. Or, if you happened to draw us something (We like things in pink purple and blue for our header!) I’ve also updated the pages, so they’re actual pages, instead of the default text. Yay!

Although, there’s one main change: Tia! Yay! She’s my long-time friend who is a fellow nerd that I invited to co-author this blog with me. She’s super cool. You can read all about her (and me!) on the About us! page. She’s hella chill. You’ll like her.

Anyway! That’s all for now. I told you this was short. You’ll see Tia next!

Oodles of Toodles,


P.S. I’m trying out different openers and closers, how were those?


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