I am a hufflepuff.

Those of you who know me irl (aka just Ruby) know that I have considered myself a Ravenclaw since the first time I read/watched Harry Potter, but I have also questioned if I was a Hufflepuff. Well, I am here to say now that I am a Hufflepuff. I have obviously taken the pottermore quiz many many times (im still upset about new pottermore tbh) but everytime I get a different result. I have also taken other quizes not from pottermore and almost everytime end up with a 50/50 split between the two, one quiz even asked me which house I would prefer to be in. I chose Ravenclaw. Up until now. I had to come to my own conclusion and I do believe that I am more Hufflepuff than Ravenclaw. The last time I took the pottermore quiz it gave me Hufflepuff.  I have also recently taken the Patronus quiz and I got. Drum roll please. dum dum dum dum dum… Badger! I don’t really know how to feel, I guess I don’t really give a shit. If you didn’t get that joke I strongly suggest you click this link:


You’re welcome.

Have a great day and

Stay pɹᴉǝʍ,

Your Hufflepuff 3rd year fairy godmother Tia.


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