Weekly Review: Sims 4

So, first let me apologize about being so inactive on here. I have been really busy with homework and the subject of this review sims 4. I know sims is kinda old now but I just got it and have been enjoying it so let me review in peace.

The first thing I did when I got sims was obviously create a sim. I can say this is was really interesting, being able to actually just drag and click on the sim to change that face and body was really cool. Unfortunately the computer that I was playing the sims on is not working at the moment so I am not able to show you what my sim looks like. Since my first sim I have created many more. One thing I found really awesome on creating sims, was the ability to create transgender sims and custom gender options. I think that this is really an incredible progression recognizing transgender people in a video game.


Continuing on, if you have sims or decide to get sims I highly suggest you download custom content also know as cc. Custom content is free content that players have created and you can download and put into your game. Custom content can be things such as hair, clothing, and furniture. Downloading custom content can give you a lot more options in creating sims. The main website for downloading cc is The Sims Resource. I’ll put a link if you want to see it.


Im actually not sure if links work in this, but we’ll see.

So (as you can probably tell I say so too much, I had to change it a few times), overall I love the sims! I am going to be playing it all the time, including when I need to be doing homework (which is the case rn), although I will do like anything when Im supposed to be doing homework so not much of a shock (ps. I wrote that as shook at first lol).

Stay pɹᴉǝʍ,

Tia  \(^o^)/



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