Teen Wolf – Season 6 Theories – GUEST AUTHOR

HI everyone!!!!!! So before you start to panic, I know I’m not Ruby or Tia. My name is Sabrina and… I’m a guest author!!!! *yay sound effect* This means that maybe I’ll post again or maybe not who knows.

Anyhoo know that we have that cleared up the topic of this post is TEEN WOLF SEASON 6        !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WARNING: THIS POST HAS MAJOR SPOILERS SO IF YOU HAVE NOT REACHED THE END OF SEASON 5 AND WOULD NOT LIKE TO HAVE TW SPOILERS HAUNT YOU DO NOT READ THIS POST, BUT COME BACK AND READ IT ONCE YOU’RE DONE. Also if you don’t want season 6 to be spoiled I also would recommend not reading this post.


For those of you who stayed, you’re about to endure some semi decent writing.

First things first: let’s talk about the plot and the overall season. Now, as some of you may or may not know, MTV has announced that season 6 will be Teen Wolf’s final season. I know, it’s heart breaking. All of my main Baes will be gone. The plot of Season 6 will be based around the Ghost riders ( it was referred to as the wild hunt in season 5… i think ). The Ghost Riders are this season’s villain and have this scarily creepy power to erase people from like not existence more like everyone’s memory ( And they look like hella scary, and dark).

As told in the teaser trailer the ghost riders will try to erase… everyone’s bae Stiles. When I found this out, I was like NO NOT MY BAE NOT LIKE EVERYONE’S FAV CHARACTER and was totally freaking out and DYING of heartbreak, but then everyone’s favorite banshee Lydia being a total BAMF will try and somehow save him. How she saves him is unknown but we all know it just has to happen. Here is a pic of the Ghost Rider(s)


What even is that like does he/she/ it even have a face??????

Next, let’s talk about The cast and who will be returning. Returning to the show is…

Holland Roden as Lydia martin


Tyler Posey as Scott Mccall


Dylan O’Brien as Stiles Stilinski (Ruby: HES HOT)


Shelley Hennig as Malia Tate


Dylan Sprayberry as Liam Dunbar


Melissa Ponzio as Melissa McCall.


Linden Ashby as Sheriff Stilinski


 JR Bourne as Chris Argent


Ryan Kelley as Jordan Parrish


Seth Gilliam as Dr. Deaton


AND MANY MORE!!!!! #WhyIsThisWholeCastSoHot

So now it’s time for the depressing part of this topic, who isn’t coming back for season 6. First let’s start with who isn’t returning for season 6A…

Tyler Hoechlin as Derek Hale


Arden Cho, who plays Kira Yukimura will actually not be coming back for season 6B as well. But I really hope this changes.


Now let’s talk about who can potentially come back and who have been rumored to do so.

So when researching for this post I found that Jackson might come back for season 6B!!!! Now I know some of you are like NOOOOOOO, but honestly I would LOVE to have Jackson back to see how he’s changed while in London and maybe see if he’s developed any type of accent. (You just think accents are hot Bean) Yes Rudy I do 


I would also love to see Isaac come back to kind of close out because the way he left, was really sudden and didn’t feel right. I would also like to see how he connects with Allison’s dad and how they can bond.


So I was actually surprised by this next one, and felt my prayers have been answered because I really wanted this character to come back and really loved him, so I’m glad he has a shot at coming back. And some of you are like WHO THE HELL IS IT?!?!?!?!? Well it’s ETHAN!!!!! Yup it’s Danny’s BF and #1 lover.


So this character might actually end up appearing in 6A but I wasn’t positive because he doesn’t have a main role…YET. And I’m actually talking about Brett who has been in about 11 eps so far, and as we know Brett’s sexual orientation hasn’t exactly been revealed. I mean all we’ve really seen is him dancing with a shirtless guy and a girl, both rather intimately. I honestly would love it if there was a bisexual character in Teen Wolf, mostly because it would make the show more interesting and maybe Brett will find a BF/GF.


Moving away from that topic let’s talk…. SHIPS!!!!

Over the course of Teen Wolf many ships have been introduced so I’ll be choosing some of my favorites from all the seasons to compare and talk about. DISCLAIMER: NOT ALL OF THESE SHIPS ARE REAL SOME ARE JUST FAN CREATED SHIPS.

So first let’s start with

Scira (Kira and Scott)

I actually like Scott and Kira together more that Scott and Allison mostly because I liked them as friends more and thought that it was better that way.


Dethan ( Danny and Ethan )



Dennifer (Derek and Jennifer)


Honestly before she became a psycho, I shipped this so hard.

Berica (Boyd and Erica)


I really shipped this because they were such good friends and really thought they were meant to be.

Stydia (Stiles and Lydia)



Allisaac (Allison and Isaac)

Again Allison and Scott were better off friends and thought that Isaac and Allison were better for each other and before Allison died thought that they would have a great future together.

Sterek (Stiles and Derek)



So to end this post here are some of my fav Teen Wolf Posts.

So um… halfway into doing this list I realized I was in too deep with teen wolf posts so to save you from scrolling through all of it to find my good bye I’m it doing now. 

Bye, and I will hopefully “see” you again soon.

Ps. Don’t take these theories and speculations too seriously nothing written here has been like majorly confirmed and is definitely gonna happen, so just keep in mind that not all of these things will happen.


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