Post Concert Depression

Anyone who denies that PCD (post concert depression) is real clearly has not ever been obsessed with a band or music artist and gone to their concert. I experienced PCD after attending Panic! At The Disco and Weezer’s Summer Tour 2016. The night was incredible and Brendon’s vocal range is unbelievable! Although in the next few days I experienced PCD for the first time.

{btw i’m writing this in history class lol}

After your concert ends it most likely won’t really hit you that it is over until the next day. For me it was the end of the next day. The adrenaline and just general happiness will last until this happens. Once the reality that this best night of your life is over, you begin to think about how nothing can ever live up to the greatness of that night and you long for it again. You will probably end up rewatching videos and looking at pictures from the concert over and over again.

(lol T you neeerd)

(thanks ruby)

So anyways, if you are planning on going to a concert of someone you are a huge fan of or a youtuber’s tour (aka tatinof) be prepared for this feeling. But don’t stress about it, just enjoy your night and let it happen. Peace out!

Stay pɹᴉǝʍ,

Tia \(^o^)/


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