Weekly Review!

Hi everyone! I am just super excited right now because I just finished watching the anime Yuri!! ON ICE! It’s so good! So I am doing a weekly review on it! 

Currently only 4 episodes are available on crunchyroll.com which if you don’t know is a great site to watch anime for free. One of the episodes you must be a member for though so I have only seen up until episode 3. A new episode comes out every Wednesday though so don’t worry. This is a gay sports anime… so basically it’s about skating.. +gay stuff. I can’t explain, just look at this picture…

Yeah ok I think you get the point. Anyways just go watch it!!!!! It’s sooo good and I love it and can’t wait until next Wednesday when the next episode is free!! Also this is great – 

Ok that it… just go watch it.

Stay pɹıǝʍ,

Tia \(^o^)/


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