Sooo… I love to RP? And then something like this happened and we were all like O SHIT LETS DO THIS and i was like HELL YEAHHH and so then this happened.


Pairing: None

Summary: It’s the day of Alex and John’s wedding, and Phillip is having f e e l i n g s. Phillip-is-Alex’s-lil-brother AU.

Warnings: Death mention? Nothing more than what’s in Hamilton.

Word Count: 750

It’s not like he wasn’t happy for them. He was super happy. His older brother, whom he loved, was getting married to the love of his life. Why wouldn’t he be happy? He was just…scared.

They had gone through so much together. The island, immigrating, getting jobs, getting to where they were. They had been each other’s rock. Or, at least, until John. And once again: it wasn’t like Philip didn’t like John. John was great. John was kind, John was amazing and hardworking, and he loved Alex.

But Philip wanted his brother back.

It was the day of the wedding, and literally everyone was nervous. Alex was freaking out, and they ended up having to call John in to calm him down. Hercules was loudly sobbing, despite his protest that he was simply “having loud emotions.”

As Philip stood there watching John calm his brother down, he knew it was over. Alex was John’s, and John was Alex’s. I’m gonna be on my own for the first time. He thought silently. I’m not ready to be alone. Thinking no one would notice, Philip quickly slipped out of the room, tears beginning to fall. He raced into the bathroom, sobbing into his tux.

It was John who noticed first, which just made it worse. “Alex, you might wanna go check on your brother now that you’ve calmed down a bit.” John squeezed his hand and pointed him tot the locked bathroom door.

Alex’s expression turned from nervous-yet-happy to anxious-older-brother. “Philip? Can you open the door?”

On the other side of the door, Philip was sobbing as quietly as he could. He stayed silent, not trusting himself to make a word. Why am I crying? Why do I have to break down NOW of all times? Philip thought. I’m ruining his day. I just have to finish up here, and nobody needs to know.

Back on the other side of the door, Alex was getting more worried. His tone softening, he knocked again. “Phil? I can hear you… Actually, I can’t, but I know you’re in there.”

Alex turns around, calling to everyone in the room. “Hey, can you guys give us a minute?” Everybody filed out, leaving the two brothers on two sides of a door.

Alex sighs, leaning against the door. “It’s just us now, buddy. What is it?’

Philip let out a breathy sob, then quickly closed his mouth. “I don’t want to ruin this for you, Alex. Go enjoy your big day. I’ll be out in a bit.”

Alex started tearing up at Philip’s broken voice. “You couldn’t ruin anything. Please, let me in. I want you here for this day.”

Phillip slowly shuffled over to the door and slowly unlocked it, leaving it closed.

The second he heard the lock click, Alex rushed inside to his brother. He sat next to his brother against the wall, leaning his head to his brother’s curly hair, curling a lock of it around his finger like they always did. “What is it?”

Phillip took a shuddering breath. “It’s over, isn’t it? Us. You and me. I love you, and I love John, and i want you to be happy. But-” He broke off, biting his lip. “But it used to be just us, and then it was us and John, and now it’s just me.”

Alex sighs. “Oh, mi pereza, Of course, that’s going to happen. Time passes. All things change. But we’re never gonna…” He trails off, trying to find the words. “We’re always gonna be brothers. The past is set, and nothing is going to undo that I love you. I’m always gonna be here for you. Me and John are just moving out, not away. We’re gonna be less than 10 minutes away. Whenever you need me, or want me, I’ll be here. Even when you don’t want me or need me-” Alex bites his lip, holding in tears. “I’ll be here.”

Philip let out a sob. He clamped it back as Alex rubbed his back and began whistling their favorite song back on the island.

As the tune rang out, Philip thought back to everything that had happened. Growing up. Their dad. Their mom. Their cousin. The storm. Then, the words. All the words, a gift they shared, although with different expertises. The endless hunger of poverty, then, a full stomach. That was something they could never take away.

Philip smiled, and hummed their song as he laid his head on his brother’s shoulder.


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