About us!

YOUVE FOUND OUR BLOG! CONGRATULATIONS! Now you may be wondering, who the heck even are these people?!?!

Or not. Idk. Who knows really.

So, if you happen to want to get to know us, here’s a bit!


Hi, my name is Ruby. I’m a girl. I use she/her pronouns. I’m in middle school, but not for long. I have a dog, who is like the actual best dog in the world. He’s like, the actual best. You might see photos of him at some point. I’m a proud nerd, I love books and reading. I’m a big fan of Wattpad, you can see that in my Social Media thing down below  V V V

I started this blog a long time ago and then never updated. I made one post once and then stopped. A couple months later, I got a text from Tia, the other admin on this blog. She saw my email (CHECK YOUR EMAIL MORE OFTEN T) and was like “hey do u still wanna do this thing” and I was all like “YAH” and so here we are.

I’m a huge fan of many things, and my obsessions change from year to year/month to month. I’ve been into Hamilton the Musical for a while now! I love it so much, it’s the best. It’s possible I’ll get into other musicals, but for now, this is the only one. I’m also currently making my way through all 10 seasons of Supernatural that are on Netflix, and will probably TOTALLY LEGALLY watch the other 2 seasons once I’m done. I’m also a fan of things like Doctor Who, Sherlock, Harry Potter, Firefly, Steven Universe, Mortal Instruments, and many other things. I just tend to be obsessed with things I’m actually reading/watching/listening too right now. I finished most of those things a while ago, and I’m either waiting for them to update *cough* SHERLOOOOOOOOCK SEASOOOON FOOOUUUUR *cough* or just finished them. If I re-red them, I’d probably get back in.

I’m a huge fan of fiction, Sci/fi Fantasy is my jam, (wtf ruby it’s not the 80s) and I love horror books. I just can’t do movies, those freak me out too much.

Well, that was fun. I’m gonna tell you about my SOCIAL MEDIA

You can find me on:

Instagram: @ruby.the (I’m a private account, but i accept most people.)

Wattpad: @wingedruby

Snapchat: @urbanfarmcamp I guess? it’s an account for a camp I’m a counselor at but i use it as my personal.

(that’s it I’m v antisocial BTW 394 WORDS YES SNAPE)

(About Tia for whenever she does it)

Also! Just a bit about the blog. Basic things.

  1. There will be no racist, sexist, homophobic, islamophobic, transphobic, or somethingelsephobic language. Or any other offensive things.
  2. We will cuss. We’ll say things like fuck or shit or stuff like that, but we’re never gonna use offensive curse words.
  3. If/When we write fanfic, there will always be a rating at the top to let you know what kind of content it’ll have. We use the rating system from fictionratings.com FYI
  4. We’ll always say SPOILER ALERT FOR XYZ very clearly if something has spoilers.
    1. For example,

    3. You noticed that v clearly didn’t you
  5. We’d love guest authors! Message us through the Contact us! page for that.
  6. If you comment, please no hate language. Failure to comply with that will get you blocked! We don’t wanna do that.
  7. I think that’s it! I’ll add anything if we need to.
  8. (These ^^ were written by Ruby)